back to veganism

several friends have asked me how i could’ve possibly been vegan for the two months i spent in europe.  the answer is simple: i wasn’t!  this was easy because i am not a self-righteous asshole about my diet.

i took a break, because i suspected (rightfully so) that at times it would be difficult to find vegetarian food, let alone vegan fare.   self-catering is possible, but often difficult.  the places i stayed didn’t always have cooking facilities; tofu/other veg*n staples were often difficult to come by; and to top it off, it was completely illogical to carry foodstuffs around when i already had a 35lb backpack and a smallish messenger bag to lug around.

my vegan diet is absolutely a privilege and a luxury.  it’s easy to maintain in vancouver, but was difficult when i was rolling around in strange cities where i didn’t speak the language, have constant internet access, and would sometimes need to eat at odd hours/distant locations when it was most sensible to eat whatever i came across.  because i only fell back to being vegetarian, not eating any meat, there were times when i’d order ‘pasta with veg’ off a menu and would find out that meant a huge pile of pasta with 1/2 c of chopped peppers on top.  ASTOUNDING.

for any of my veg friends who are traveling, here are two resources that are helpful, although only one of which i used.

happy cow, which is a worldwide veg*n restaurant guide

vegan passport – a multilingual guide to what vegans do and don’t eat.

fun coincidence: i went vegan last july 4th, and one year later i am rededicating myself!  LIFE’S FUNNY LIKE THAT


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