on my way home

how strange it is, to be back where i started this trip (but not really, because that’s how trips generally go).  i mean, how my flight from london routed through iceland so here i am, sitting in the place i was nearly two months ago when this adventure began.

what a wonderful last day of a vacation.   i feel so lucky that last night, instead of being maudlin, i got to hang out with a rad friend and basically laughed myself to sleep.  what a gift! it’s so easy to just lay in the dark and be sad, but i didn’t have the chance.

today my heart felt so stretched and sad as i grew closer to heathrow, boarded the plane and watched the ground grow smaller beneath me.  and i left my  most amazing adventure behind me.

i did and saw things on this trip i never, ever expected to in my whole life (do i have low standards for what i want?).  i visited secret roman ruins, ancient places and new places and spent two weeks in berlin that were some of the happiest of my life.  i had reunions with old friends and made new friends.

now my life is marching forward again, and i will have to deal with real life, cleaning my house and finding a job.  spending lazy days with friends and nights on art.

and that will be fine, lovely and wonderful even, but it still is hard to say goodbye from this massive thing i have just done.

soon, i will continue the trip-blogging, and tell you stories and show you photos and talk about what i saw. ❤  but for now, i must get on a plane to seattle.  in just a few hours i will be home.  oh my sweet raptor jesus!


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