also, oslo!!

well, shit.  oslo was almost terrible!!  i rolled into town on a few hours sleep (thanks to my late-night date in reykjavik!) and had a few hours to kill before i could head up to where i was staying.  i wandered around the city and bumped into akershus fortress, which was really cool.   the castle was closed but it was still really awesome to be in a very old place like that.

oslo city is really beautiful, but i was tired of walking all around with my heavy bag (didnt see the luggage locker sign at the train station!!) so i headed up to where i was staying.

i found my acommodations through and it was nearly a nightmare! long story short, but when i went to the place i’d booked, the host wasn’t there, and all these other shitty things happened that prevented me from getting in touch with her.  i started to feel really nervous about my situation and decided, fuck it, my safety is more important than saving a few dollars, so i headed back downtown and found a hotel room.

my fortunes looked up again when the host dropped by my hotel and gave me a full refund for the nights i was supposed to stay at her house!   i booked a hostel for the next night and counted myself lucky…

the next day was constitution day in norway, which meant the entire city was full of parades, marching bands, and people in national folk costume!  what an incredible, festive atmosphere! i headed off to check in at my hostel and then explore some graveyards (cause that’s what i do).  i followed my ears and stumbled on a parade, and followed its route for a while, but got tired of the crowds and ducked into a coffeeshop for a little break.

loved how the one girl is wearing traditional norwegian dress, but has a mohawk!

later, i headed across the water to the viking ship museum and open air folk museum!  both were really cool.  i had no idea at the scale of the viking ships! holy crow, they were way larger than i was expecting.

on the way ferry back from the museum, a dude (daniel) came up to me and introduced himself.  at first i was mentally rolling my eyes, but then it turned out we were both spending one more night in oslo and then heading to stockholm for a few days!  he actually turned out to be a pretty likeable person, so after the ferry we headed to a bar to watch some hockey and wandered around together for the rest of the day, eventually joining some norwegians doing folk dances in a large square (seriously another touching worms moment for me!  i nearly said no to dancing, but then it was so delightful).

dancing in the street and i was not even drunk

after the impromptu street-dance, we watched more hockey, drank more beers, and eventually i made it back to my hostel, which i dubbed ‘the den of men’ because 7/8 beds in the dorm room had dudes in them! yuuuuuck!

the next morning, daniel & i did some serious breakfast recon because we both wanted omelets, and that shit can be hard to track down in scandinavia!  sated, we hung out in a park and looked at girls (and birds) for a couple hours before parting ways and heading to stockholm.

i didnt spend very long in oslo;  was a beautiful city and there is definitely a lot to see that i never got around to checking out.  it was incredible to be there during constitution day, with the streets full of people in costume and music and parades!  i would love to return to norway and see the fjords someday, too!

2 thoughts on “also, oslo!!

    1. oh my god. they were approx. the same price, and the viking museum was wayyyyy better. no surprise there.

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