reykjavik, pt 2

holy hell, it seems like so much has happened since i left iceland, although in reality it’s only been a few days!

here’s a little roundup…

– went to the blue lagoon! it was a bit boring, because i was by myself, but i floated around and looked at the clouds and birds and felt very happy and peaceful and all like the ocean is our mother and water is amazing . aside from that stuff, the blue lagoon was cool cause it was all natural, not like the hot springs i’ve been in (banff/jasper, etc) where it’s like a swimming pool with clear, hot water.  no way! the blue lagoon has an uneven, rocky, somewhat natural floor and its depth fluctuates from just over my height (5’5″) to quite shallow, only a couple feet, and there are cooler and hotter currents running through it, sand on the bottom in some places even!  not to mention, the water is an opaque light blue, which is possibly the most awesome part.

– saw kittens!!

– went to the president’s house (yes, really!!).  according to my lovely guide,  it was a common prank for kids in her neighbourhood (she grew up near the president’s house) to go and ring the doorbell and ask if the president was home!

– took the bus out to the ‘burbs to hit up a mall that had famed vegetarian fare, and was so let down! it was just a mall kiosk where they served pre-cooked quicke and shit like that.  no me gusta!

– went to the penis museum. IT WAS SO DISGUSTING, YOU GUYS.  so gross.  for real.   it wasn’t just the penises themselves, but all the masses of testicular/general flesh from where they’d been removed from the animal & human bodies! SO GROSS

– went on a date! sadly, no photos,  although jona is a total babe.  i had a great time! she took me to a real locals bar and i tried icelandic beer!   then we kissed and i got two hours of sleep before i had to get up for my airport-bus, and then found out that i could’ve slept in for nearly another hour. yep.

– got a beautiful icelandic wool sweater! you can kind of see it in the photo of me at the president’s house.  it is by far the most expensive item of clothing i have ever purchased, but so, so beautiful.

– and here are some rad photos of graffiti around reykjavik.



i was sad but ready to leave reykjavik.  i can’t wait until i come back! this visit really motivated me to get my driver’s license, so i can return and drive all around the whole island! god damn, will it ever be awesome!

One thought on “reykjavik, pt 2

  1. Sigur Ros quotes as graffiti?! Fuck yes! I love the sweater and the President’s house = awesome sauce. Also, natural hot springs are the shit. There are some in New Zealand just outside Taupo that flow down from a hill into the river, randomly, and they are fabulous…this post makes me miss them!

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