much love – autostraddle playlists

i’ve been trying to keep on top of retouching/uploading my trip photos, and i’m doing all this work on a borrowed laptop with next to no music library.  autostraddle 8tracks playlists have been saving my sanity.  right now i could be listening to an annoying girl skype with her at-home-honey or this blaring loud documentary on bees, but instead! i am chilling out to the stylings of notorious b.i.g. (this is much preferrable).

if you haven’t heard of autostraddle and you love sexy ladies & queer issues, check it out! it’s sassy and bonerriffic.

back on topic–i’ll share my favourite mixes with you! caveat: i especially like music that makes me want to fall in love with someone, or curl up and be sad, or sit somewhere with a friend and quietly look at an epic sky together, or sometimes music that makes me want to dance around in my house where no one can see me.

holding hands while walking across a bridge

keep calm & carry on

chill songs for hot days

if i let myself, i’d post about half of the 71 mixes from this 8tracks page! instead you should just listen and make your ears happy.


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