the first hurdles

the past few weeks i have been talking so much shit to my friends, like how when you travel you just need to chill out and go with the flow and not stress when things don’t go your way and and and and and.   yesterday my flight to iceland got pushed back by 24 hours and i had to force myself into practicing what i’d preached.

in reality, i’m quite easygoing, so although i was super let-down that my flight was delayed by a day,  i got over the sadness pretty quickly (i suffered severe anticippointment!) and started thinking about how to make the best of the situation.

from an optimistic perspective, it was a great start to a two month vacation: i had to accept something that was beyond my control & make the best of it.  i befriended a couple of my fellow stranded passengers and that was a small step in overcoming my fear of extroversion–although i’m pretty friendly, i’m not always interested in being outgoing & meeting strangers.   i didn’t have to stay in the airport, either–the airline sent passengers to different hotels in the area, so i spent last night at a decent place near the airport.  the room was clean, bed comfy & wifi spotty but passable, so my needs were met.

i had been very disappointed that my vacation in iceland would only be 5 days instead of 6 days, but early this morning i phoned icelandair and they shifted my flight reso (without charge! thankyouthankyouthankyou) so i will get to stay 6 days anyway! i’m cutting a day out my oslo trip to compensate, but it’s a nonissue.   phoning the airline to ask them to move my flight was kind of a big deal for me; it can be very difficult for me to be assertive and ask for things.  this was great positive reinforcement!

all around, i feel pretty positively about how this has turned out. i’m so excited to actually get on the road, but this little road bump has not been too bad.   i can’t wait to land in iceland, though! oh my sweet baby jesus.  it is going to be incredible (i hope).    maybe this is cheesy, but i’ve already had two touching worms moments in the past day (befriending strangers & turning them into travel partners, getting my stay in iceland extended) and i can’t help but to feel like this trip is going to enlarge my horizons and make me a better, stronger person in so many ways!


One thought on “the first hurdles

  1. glad you managed to navigate the initial obstacles so smoothly despite everything, and that you were able to get your full stay in iceland. i agree — good to have something thrown off-kilter right away, because now you’ll be more confident in your ability to handle the unexpected!

    keep touching worms!
    (travelling, i think, esp. for long periods of time to places you’ve never been, is pretty much like jumping into a pile of little worms and rolling about 😉 )

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