when i got home from california, i was like omg i have so much time to do the things i need to do before a two month trip

ENTER a ginormous procrastination complex! gahhhhh.  yeah, i should have filed my taxes before i went to california, and i didn’t and now they are late and i definitely have to do it…

all the things i am being dumb about are finance-related.  go to the bank. pay my bills. talk to the credit card company.  file my god damn taxes. why is it so hard? this is the first time in years that my financial status has not been dire but i still avoid those tasks as much as i did when i was flat-ass-fucking broke.

i’m also being a loser because this afternoon i hung out with kaylie and drank more beer than was good for me and then had to sober up at a cafe before i could bike home (!) and when home, crawled into bed and read my book until i fell asleep. soooo there’s that.


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