much love monday: mexican food

before i came to san diego for the first time in 2006, i was convinced i didn’t like mexican food.  why? not only did i grow up in alberta, which has almost no good mexican, but i’d only eaten at chain taco shops (i’m looking at you, taco bell/taco time!) and had no concept of how good it could be.

suffice to say that when i tried real mexican food**, my mind was blown.  rolled tacos? horchata? potato burritos? spanish rice and refried beans? the sultry smokiness of mole? fffuuuuuuuuuck.

breakfast burrito, trio of veggie enchiladas @ rancho's

in case you are in san diego or vancouver, here are my favourites:
rancho’s, ocean beach & north park
taco surf, pacific beach
cotixhan (great for a grease-buster potato burrito lovefest)
pokez, for that authentic-skeevy-delicious vibe

le taqueria (more traditional)
bandidas  (more local-fusiony goodness)
and for the vegans/home cooks among us, i offer viva vegan by terry hope romero. this book is the bomb.

**caveat: i have never tasted mexican food as a meat-eater, but i’ve had incredible veg*n versions of regular stuff.


4 thoughts on “much love monday: mexican food

  1. apparently edmonton now has good mexican — tres carnales. i’ve never been, though… i am fond of the more salvadorian (with a bit of mexican) place called el rancho, so if you are ever up there, do track them down!

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