i rolled into san diego on tuesday and immediately hoofed it up to my favourite tattoo shop for some work by my favourite tattooist and good friend, mike stobbe of avalon 2 .

he added one piece that nearly finishes up my left arm, and started on my right arm!  kiind of exciting–when i was 21 and got myself into a bit of debt trouble, i swore i wouldn’t start on my right arm until i paid off the debt.  kind of a silly resolution considering i spent a bunch of time/money covering vast swaths of skin on other parts of my body, but a resolution i stuck to nonetheless.

first was ‘rise above it‘, a quote by the incredibly inspiring mimi weddell.  such a great reminder to always be better than the situation demands, to push myself to be a strong person and not get mired by circumstance.

next was a sweet narwhal!  its tooth looks crooked because of the way my wrist is turned.  three days after the tattoo was done, my arm is still swollen as hell.  buuuut whatever, this swimming dude was worth the pain.  this is one of the cutest tattoos i have!

BUT this is only part one of two: tattoo adventure san diego.  stay tuned for the cutest tattoos ever.

7 thoughts on “tat-two!

  1. eeee, a narwhal! i love it. i did not know you had a fondness for them. when we get together this summer, please remind me to teach you a labrador inuit children’s game called ‘narwhal fight’ 😉

    1. oh, of course you’d know a game like that!! i do adore them. they are such a unique whale! i didn’t know you liked them so much either:)

      1. there are fascinating northern mythology stories about narwhals, too, i will tell you them!

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