florist no more-ist

yesterday, after nearly a year in the floral biz, i called it quits.   i had to, because i’m going on a giant trip around the world (sort of).   being a florist was sooo rad while it lasted (and i may yet return to it); super creative, worked in a relaxed atmosphere with a tonne of freedom, and had great coworkers.  in the end, i needed to do my own thing so i parted ways from the enjoyable world of floral design.

it was bittersweet, as goodbyes always are, but i was so appreciative that my coworkers didn’t get all sappy and sentimental.   i’ve gotten goodbye cards and the hugs and the we’ll miss yous and the little gifts and all that–don’t get me wrong, it’s nice!–but it’s just not me.  i prefer something a little more casual.  goodbyes can get so cheesy so quickly.

it felt really surreal.  it hasn’t sunk in, that my last day has come and gone, that i’m unemployed, that i’m about to take a giant trip unlike anything i’ve ever done before in my life.  god damn, i just dropped $900 on a eurail pass, and this shit is still not sinking in.

maybe when i pick up my house-sitter at the airport on may 4 it’ll feel real. maybe it won’t sink in until i’m on the plane, headed for reykjavik.  maybe it won’t feel real until i wake up and i’m in a different country! this is so far out of the realm of my known experiences…

it’s not just that i’m headed into the unknown for a two-month trip.   it’s also that i left a poorly-paying yet stable job to do something out of the blue. it’s that i won’t have a job waiting for me when i return.   that’s mildly terrifying, especially since i’m not content to have another life-draining job.  i want something completely different than anything i’ve done before and i don’t know what that means, or how i’ll make it happen.   but damn, do i ever want it.

so, anyway–hooray for leaving behind a sure bet and charging out into the world.  hooray for landing on my feet upon my return!


4 thoughts on “florist no more-ist

  1. Be bold and stay the course. Amazing things await you I’m sure. By the way where are you going? Are you going to Central/South America? Will you be spending time in China, Hong Kong, Europe? What are your plans? Would you be interested in currently unsolicited advice?

    1. my plan: california for a week. then to iceland, norway, sweden, denmark, berlin…and from there things get iffy. probably: prague, vienna, ljubljana, dubrovnik, sofia, istanbul, london. would looove unsolicited advice!!

      1. OK first off California. Los Angeles gets a bad wrap as people think Hollywood is LA, but it’s not. Go to Griffith park, try the street eats in Boyle Heights (the area looks sketchy but it’s worth the trip for good Mexican), try Korean in K town, Chinese in Alhambra, and Thai in Hollywood. The beaches are amazing (I’d start with Manhattan and work my way to Palos Verdes). If you go to San Fran stay in Cow Hollow area of the Marina. Trendy, but as down to earth as you get in the Bay area. Give me some time and I’ll get you some dish on some of your other destinations. If you have questions give me a buzz. Cheers

      2. thanks for your reply–but unfortunately, california is the only part of my trip i don’t need advice on!! I am going to san diego (where i used to live) and i’m visiting la too, but i’ve been there 5-6 times already. 🙂 i really appreciate you going out of your way to give me the low down!! i actually have not been to griffith park but am hoping to this time.

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