much love monday: riding my bike

my bike gang with malloreigh & michael

last year, i started cycling as my main form of transportation and i was shocked.  it was fucking incredible!  not only did i get the pleasures of exercise and of touring my city in a completely different way, i got so much freedom.  i don’t have a driver’s license, so cycling gave me autonomy i’d never had.  i could go anywhere i wanted, on my own schedule, and didn’t have to rely on a bus (although i didn’t bike in the winter, so i had to go back to busing! ack!).   one of the main pluses of bus-riding that i can read while riding, and that is a pleasure in its own right, but one i’m happy to give up when i am bike riding.

in all honesty, riding my bike improved the quality of my life.  i never knew how much impact freedom of movement has.   i don’t know if i’ll ever get my driver’s license (i will, if i end up moving somewhere rural later in my life) but for now it feels like i don’t need to.  biking is such a delight!

when i’m biking, my brain shuts off.  it’s like my two other favourite physical activities (yoga and running) in that it’s nearly moving meditation. it’s peaceful.


4 thoughts on “much love monday: riding my bike

  1. Totally agree with all of these things! I have been a bicycle commuter for two years now and this years I was able to bike through most of the winter too (yay climate change? LOL). I find I am more creative and happy when I bike : )

    1. i’m very impressed that you are a winter cyclist! this past winter was quite nice, so there were not too many days in which it would have been hellishly cold & wet in which to cycle…but even with rain gear you can buy, winter biking in vancouver seems kind of brutal.

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