goodbye, friend

those of you who have been long-term readers of this blog may remember its first incarnation as ‘cats! food! dog! blog!’ which is a punchy title and had an incredible banner.

BUT THEN, the great divide happened, and suddenly i was sans dog (and husband).  this blog needed a revamp.  ‘cats! food! blog!’ didn’t sit right, and why include ‘dog!’ when there was no longer one?  this led to the current incarnation, ‘our souls are birds’.  different style, but…fucking whatever.

i digress.  this post isn’t about how my blog changed direction.  it’s about how yesterday, my sweet dear pooch pal departed from this world.  we may not have lived in the same country for the last year and a half, but we spent four years together and i miss him.

this is to buzz.  the pound-puppy, grumpy bossy old dog.  prematurely greying, probably from stress.   with a lot of work, i was able to turn him into a great walking dog–when we first met, his leash manners were so atrocious, we could hardly walk without him trying to pull my arm off, but by the end of our acquaintance we were going on lovely walks together.

buzz, who started his own mini-meme.

loved the beach, but was scared of the waves.  he’d drink ocean water and then barf on the way home.

i don’t know how to embed it, but you can watch him biting the ice on the river when we lived in calgary. had so much lip that when he stuck  his head out of the window when driving, it was like a windsock.

like most dogs, so happy to go on road trips.

such a bed-hog, the few times he was allowed to share one.

ball-chasing, rawhide crunching, nervous, sweet old pooch.

after my husband left, one of the saddest moments was finding one of buzz’s tennis balls that’d been left behind.  that shit never gets easier.

i don’t know what else to say.  i miss the love of a dog. i miss the sweet, stinky furball i shared my life with.  i hope he didn’t suffer too much.

safe journeys, my friend. ❤


6 thoughts on “goodbye, friend

  1. oh arinn, i am so sorry about your dog-pal. (i know what it is like to be separated from pets too) what a sweet old creature. 😦
    i too hope his passing was peaceful and he is resting well. you capture his energy so beautifully in these shots.

  2. This just made me tear up hardcore. I’ve got Frankie curled against my hip, being a little dog heater while I read. The love I have for him and all his ridiculousness is vast. The pictures of Buzz capture amazing moments, I love every single one of them. I’m sorry for your loss.

    1. oh, thank you<3. love him while he's yours! we are so lucky to share our lives with pets but it is never for long enough.

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