game of thrones


you guys, i’m engrossed.  i got hooked on game of thrones when it aired last summer, and now i’m reading the first book.  holy shit.  it’s addicting, and that isn’t an ounce of hyperbole.  the book is so good i’m giving up my usual saturday night activities (sewing/watching a tv show, scoping out babes on the internet) so i can drink hot chocolate and read.  it’s not as though i’m passing up a party, but damn!  it takes a lot to disrupt my sewing routine.  so, what i’m saying is, you should probably read the books too, and then we can discuss them together.  maybe i’m alone in this, but i find it really enjoyable to read a book after i’ve seen the tv/movie equivalent, because then all the characters have stronger faces/voices in my mind, and i can hear them talking to each other and see them moving a lot more clearly.

i thought you all should know, because the new season of game of thrones starts tomorrow and i kind of want to watch it but i also kiiind of don’t, so i can let the episodes pile up and then watch them back-to-back in some fit.  even my mom has this plan!! she just watched the first season last weekend–and i mean, the entire first season, in one weekend.  family resemblance? i’ll say.

somewhat-random aside: one reason i want to curl up and read is that i got up super early today so i could attend yoga class before work.  this shit is unheard-of in my world! i never get up two hours earlier for work than needed. AND, even crazier, i’m doing it again tomorrow.

second aside: before today’s yoga class, some intense Serious Kitsilano Yoga Broad came up and was complimenting me on my tattoos.  she went to set up her mat and then came back and crouched by me, telling me ‘i love asking people about their power animals.  mine is an eagle!  they get picked on by other birds but they still fly free!! it wasn’t always an eagle though…’ i couldn’t help but to ask what it was before an eagle, and she looked at me very earnestly and said ‘a gazelle’ and then wandered back to her own mat.  sometimes i hate how approachable i am, but in situations like that, it’s wonderful.  when i’m in the mood to talk, i love learning random shit about strangers.



2 thoughts on “game of thrones

  1. I just finished book four. Waiting for book five to not be $35. I couldn’t put any of them down and yet..I sort of hated them as well because he kept introducing more characters and more history and I just wanted to know what the F was happening with Daenarys. The tv show is so bomb. Love it.

    1. hah, good point. i am just in the second book now and i want more daenarys too. but i’m not looking forward to finding out which characters i love that he is going to kill off!

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