reflection on 366

much like my vegetarianism and then veganism, doing a 366 self-portrait project was something i insisted was impossible for years before i actually did it. but guess what? it was almost as easy as becoming vegetarian (read: a fuckin’ breeze!).   surprisingly, i didn’t even miss a day. although i had several instances where i was laying in bed, nearly asleep, and remembered that i hadn’t done my photo yet.  want to see a year of me? you can see the whole set on flickr.

i started out kind of nervous to take my photo in random public places, and i still am.  BUUUT i just started my second year so i better get over it!  hopefully this year ahead doesn’t have many boring photos and instead i’m able to push  myself and find inspiration in a creative project that can become tedious quickly.


  • how many people made it into the daily shot with me: 32! malloreigh had the most cameos, with 21; runners up were marlo & vanessa, each with six.



marlo (and james)!!

  • most popular item of clothing: this purple and teal plaid shirt.  worn a ridiculous amount of times, first featured on day one.

  • most popular photo (by views & favourites on flickr):

  • favourite photos:

getting ready to leave alberta

beach day with marlo & malloreigh

great outfit for a fucking ridiculous day

cheesy dude that i am, loving up some candlelight

my awkward, unlovely, lovely, capable hands.

morning cuddles with the boys

heading to an art show with courtney

getting ready for vegan prom

how it feels when i’m sad

the shape of my heart

my not-so-little brother & i.

leap day


One thought on “reflection on 366

  1. I’m way too self-conscious to do this, guess i need to get over that… love the portfolio, some totally cool shots, thx for sharing and inspiring!

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