much love monday: veganism

i can never remember the exact day, but this march marks my sixth year without meat!  after a year of failed attempts at dropping my meat habit, i made a bet with myself rather than a declaration: it wasn’t i’m vegetarian now!, but i’m going to see how long i can go without eating meat…

nearly a year ago, i dropped eggs and dairy, and it was a lot harder than dropping meat, because sometimes i get lazy and i just want a god damn pizza and vegan pizza house isn’t delivering and IT WOULD BE NICE IF I COULD GET BOSTON PIZZA.  let’s be real, though: i adore my diet and plan to continue it for the rest of my life.

but really i don’t mean it, i’m happy being vegan.  it’s kind of like atheism–i like being part of the club.  i like knowing my meals come with a reduced carbon footprint.  i like knowing that no animals were subjected to the ridiculous cruelty of the industrial farm system.  a plant-based diet has been shown time & again to have positive effects on one’s body: lowered rates of heart disease, certain cancers, lowered blood pressure & cholesterol, etc.   vegans smell & taste better, and have a more refined palate from eating subtly-flavoured foods.

my favourite cookbooks are all by isa chandra moskowitz: you can find her online at the post punk kitchen blog. the cookbooks i use most are vegan with a vengeance and appetite for reduction. i also have used how it all vegan in the past, but i don’t adore it at the same level.  i recently bought viva vegan by terry hope romero ( isa c.m.’s partner in cookbook crime).  it looks incredible and i can’t wait to try it.

here are some books i’ve read through the years that you might enjoy:

(especially powerful because alzheimer’s runs in my family and i’m terrified of it)

(the dude who started the oprah-beef scandal in the 90s!)


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