kid songs

my first serious boyfriend was a mix cd fanatic.  he probably made me nearly 20 mixes in the two and a half years we knew each other.  some of them introduced me to songs that are still enduring favourites; some were prescriptive, filled with advice; and one was filled with songs he loved when he was a little kid.

i still enjoy finding out what songs people in my life enjoyed when they were little.  i’ve been thinking hard on it, and came up with a list of my songs to share with you.  this is all music i enjoyed before i was 8 years old.  i didn’t know the names or artists of a couple of them until today, when i googled all this shit to share.  oh, and it’s arranged in a roughly chronological fashion, according to my age when i loved it.

spinning wheel – blood, sweat & tears

–only because of the “ride a painted pony” line ( like most four-year-old girls, i was a pony fanatic)

heart of gold – neil young
— i have always loved mournful, bittersweet music.  maybe this song started me on that path!

wild world – maxi priest

if i had $1,000,000 – barenaked ladies
gordon was one of the first albums i ever loved–there are many musical memories of mine hidden in it.  my mom and her sister both loved the album. i particularly remember singing along and dancing to this song with my mom.


now, your turn! what did you dance around to when you were a tiny person?


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