much love: DFW

somehow i keep forgetting how much i adore the prose of david foster wallace.   i recently picked up ‘consider the lobster’ and am falling back in love with his self-aware, dry, descriptive prose.  his vocabulary is beautiful.  i’m in awe.  i am a voracious reader and somewhat studious (40-70 books per year, mostly literary heavyweights or solid nonfiction) and dude left me in the dust.  seriously.  sometimes they are words i haven’t come across, and must look up, but sometimes they are words i’m sure i should know but don’t, yet (example: synecdoche).  maybe that sounds pretentious or unreadable, but i swear, it’s graceful and intense and perfect.

really–you should just read something by dfw.  then come back here, chat with me, and we can get all book-club & talk this shit out.


3 thoughts on “much love: DFW

  1. I’ve not read any of David’s work, just pre-ordered this title for Kindle, comes in April 1st. Shall dust off the horn rims and get back to you on the book club chatter ;-0

    Thanks for the great tip, much love monday to you, too!

  2. I know DFW, i honestly think i was a genious, I never read Infinite Jest but i have (and read) all the other books…even if translated (italian) his language is so rich and full of many unknow words that reading a book is like learning a new language, a new way to express…
    thanks for sharing,cheers

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