pushing boundaries–video

you guys, this has been an insane week for pushing my boundaries.

on sunday, sammi and i touched worms.

on tuesday, i gave six weeks’ notice for quitting my job. it’s always difficult to do shit like that.

on wednesday, i shot a video! this is the second video i’ve ever done, and the first was nothing like this. you can see it here–it’s for a fashion line, fables by barrie. it was so fun to shoot but i absolutely cringed when i watched the video. i hated watching myself! i felt so awkward and like my performance affected the video negatively.

with such a lingering awkward feeling about the fables video, i wanted redemption! pure proof that i can work it in video as well as i can with film. enter brice ferre: i’ve worked with him in the past & had a chance to shoot for his new series, ‘my song’. i was really nervous & unsure that i’d be able to produce a result that i’d be happy with, but upon viewing, i really like how the video turned out. brice is super easy to work with and i adore the soft, intimate feel of the video.

HERE IT IS! what do you think?


8 thoughts on “pushing boundaries–video

  1. Caught this on tumblr, and I think it’s all around well done… sensual, fun, your smile and playfulness is divine, great tattoos and body, perfect song, too boot. Love it, most definitely a fine.

    1. thanks for your positive review of this new creative venture! it’s terrifying putting things out there, sometimes, so hearing feedback like yours makes things so much easier:)

  2. arinn! i have always been impressed by your ability to be on the other side of the camera lens (where i rarely venture even when I am the one taking the photos!) and to capture your personality so well. this is so natural, perfect song too. you seem so content and at ease.

  3. You are so adorable. This is sexy yet approachable. And good lord, lady, I have always adored your boobs… and I still do. Not to be crass.

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