featured artist: lizzie carins

during my most recent stint at a blim market, last november, i spent plenty of time wandering around perusing other vendors’ goods, because it was so slow i had no customers of my own.   i came home with an incredible red coat straight from narnia, a cute 50s dress pattern (in german, no less) and a small original painting by lizzie carins.

actually, i very nearly bought the other painting she had for sale that day.  let’s be honest, i still kind of want it.

i was really drawn in by the simple, bold lines in lizzie’s work.

and here’s a small interview i’d like to share with you:

 1.) what inspires you? your work is really simple, bold & stylish. 

1. I’m inspired by travel, landscapes, architecture, every day life and amusing situations…plus random photographs I take. Japanese painters such as Hokusai, I absolutely love visiting Kinokuniya bookstore in the States, illustrators like Margaret Kilgallen and Stuart Kolakovic, vintage childrens books – for eg-Space Alpabet by Irene Zacks.

 2.) what are you favourite mediums to work in?

2. I love working with a whole variety of mediums- acrylic, watercolour, I love screen printing, and experimenting with print techniques, being a textile designer, I love fabric too!

3.) do you do commissions?

3.  yes I am always up for doing commissions!  (you can contact her : lizziecarins at hotmail dot com)

4.) how did you start doing art?  did you go to art school

4. I started drawing as a child and was obsessed with art! I went to art college and then did textile design and print at University.

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