much love monday: the thermals

back when i was a nerdy teenager (before the transition to nerdy adult), i spent many long saturday nights sidled up to my radio/tape recorder, loaded up with a blank tape.  i’d listen to cbc radio 2 from midnight till 3 or 4 am, listening to these two alternative programs called radio sonic and radio escapade.  when i heard a promising intro to a song, i’d press record.  they’d play large blocks of music at a time; sometimes i’d be able to figure out which song was what, but this was back in 2000/2001 and i wasn’t always about to look up lyrics online successfully.  it was through this program that i discovered some of my still-favourite music, like the weakerthans, del tha funkee homosapien and…. THE THERMALS.

they’re a three-piece post-punk group from portland–yes, it sounds douchey, but you should really give them a listen!!  their first two albums (‘more parts per million’ & ‘fuckin a’) are so solid.  i fell in love with them all over again when i dove into ‘the body, the blood, the machine’, which is an incredible concept album–before you scoff, you should check that shit out.  ‘now we can see’ was nice but i didn’t get grabbed in, but their most recent offering ‘personal life’ has been played on repeat for most of the past few weeks.  it’s incredible!

here are a few of my favourite songs–i hope they reel you in, too. it was hard to pick just a few, because their music just pulls me around, but i managed to narrow it down.


3 thoughts on “much love monday: the thermals

  1. oh my goodness! memories of CBC radio 2 — that’s exactly how i spent my saturday evenings in high school/early university… with blank tape at the ready… such nostalgia!

    i do not know the thermals, though. i shall give them a listen!

    1. that’s really cool! i had no idea we both had that in common. who were your favourite discoveries from those years?

  2. oh my goodness, let me think — definitely the weakerthans, too — i remember hearing ‘left and leaving’ for the first time in early university on an end-of-year best-of. martin tielli, christine fellows, a lot of canadiana, definitely. also i think they introduced me to belle & sebastian…

    brave new waves got me into four tet and some of that interesting experimental-electronic stuff.

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