palm tattoos

hand tattoos are so incredibly beautiful. i love the back of the hand pieces and also have a huge love-on for palms.

when i first saw the pointillation palm-tattoos coming out of swastika freakshop a few years ago, it started a fire in my heart.  they’re so subtle and beautiful.  i’m headed to germany in a few months, and i’m definitely planning on picking up a tattoo or two while i’m there, and the idea of palm tattoos in germany are tugging on me so strongly.  i don’t know that i’m ready for them; my style of acquiring tattoos has always been to wait until i was ready to cross certain lines–it took me two years to put something on my arm, another few to go below the elbow, and a few more before i put a couple tiny designs on my finger and behind my ear.

although i already have a small tattoo on my hand, it’s largely unnoticed by people (especially during job interviews, i would venture).  i’d so love to get my palms tattooed and although hand tattoos are gaining in popularity and acceptance, especially in hipster vancouver, i’m worried that it would have a negative impact on my ability to find a job when i return from my trip.  maybe that’s a pointless worry, because i already have a full sleeve, tattoos on my chest, head and hand, and by this point it’s basically impossible to cover them all up.  i’m really okay with that.  but the thought of palm tattooing is exciting and terrifying. ACK

on the other hand (har!!) it’s possible that having my palms tattooed with a delicate flower or mandala would not hurt my future as much as i think.  i have a suspicion that the general acceptance of my tattoos by employers is partially because they are beautiful, well done, and feminine.  perhaps if i had a lot of hard/aggressive imagery tattooed on my arms, or they were poorly done, people would react differently.

i imagine that it is hard to make the ink stick in the palms–i’ve read that the pointillism-style tattoos stay better, perhaps because the design is more conducive to healing without little cracks and fractures due to the reduced size of are covered.  i definitely wouldn’t go to any random tattoo artist expecting this work; the reason i’m considering it is swastika freakshop has a proven desire to tattoo with this difficult area and to have it come out well.  on top of it, they seem less shy about tattooing what i have heard called “job-killers”.

either way, i’m as yet undecided. i’m leaning toward a single-palm design, instead of a split-palm as above, but i’m not quite sure if it’s right for me at this time.  it looks beautiful and i definitely want something like it in the future, though!

so, dear readers, what are your thoughts?  are these tattoos really job killers? i frequently see people with hand tattoos who are employed.


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