much love: plantains

an exercise in patience, plantains are. how many times have i opened one, thinking it must surely be fully ripe only to find it was still a bit woody and not at all sweet? they’re so tantalizing–i can hardly think of anything else that one purchases and must wait weeks to consume! even when they are fully blackened they still might not be ready; just the other day i opened a pair i’d bought in early january, and although completely black and wrinkled, only one was truly ready to eat.

i encountered them when i tried cuban cuisine for the first time, and found a wonderful take-out place near my house in san diego (tropical star in clairemont) that had some bad-ass tostones served with salt.  sweet and salty is a dynamite combination!

they are such a delightful treat! if you have never tried one, you should definitely take the plunge.


2 thoughts on “much love: plantains

  1. have you ever had them west-african style? a friend from ghana made kelewele (plantains tossed in finely shredded ginger, ground clove and cayenne mixture, with a wee bit of water and lemon juice) and then fried in palm oil!

    there’s also something i think is called ‘red red’ and involves fried plantains with a spicy tomato and black-eyed-pea sauce on top…

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