check out my cans

brice just emailed some new shots from my most recent shoot with him, last july. be warned: they are lesbosexy. i don’t usually post my naked self on this blog but WHAT THE HECK. i used to do a lot more modeling, but things have slowed down in the past few years and brice was the first new photographer i worked with in…maybe two years? well!! isn’t that something! anyway, he is so easy to work with and very creative. here is what we’ve worked on together!

more from this series:


and a few from my solo shoot with him:


6 thoughts on “check out my cans

  1. I am so in love with #2. GORGEOUS!!! You have always had one of my favorite pairs of boobs ever.

    I miss having purdy pictures taken.

    1. oh, thank you!! i don’t do stuff like this often, so it’s very enjoyable when it does happen–you should get some nice ones done of you! i know you are mostly out of your whole modeling stage but doing something for yourself could be very rewarding<3

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