travel plans 2012


i’ve never been at a point in my life where i could take off and go traveling.  i’m more settled than my friends who’ve done that–i have cats! they need me!  i can’t just move in with my parents for six months to save up for a round-the-world trip: i’m more independent than that, god damn it!

the time has finally come.   I AM GOING TO SEE SOME SHIT.

MARCH & APRIL, otherwise known as TATTOO TOUR 2K12

portland, march 20-23. gonna check out the vegan food & get tattooed by ryan mason (who introduced me to carrots and hummus. SO GOOD!). i am pretty sure 98% of portland’s tourism is based around vegan food & tattooing, so altogether a typical trip. looking forward to: powell’s books, the vegan food card, food fight!, getting tattooed, maybe checking out a strip club (by myself! YESSSS)
(edited to add: perhaps not by myself! i’ve invited my long-term partner in crime, courtney, to come with me; in over ten years of friendship the only trip we’ve taken together is a day trip to victoria from vancouver. time to change that!)

san diego, april 24 – may 01. guess what, more tattooing! it turns out that my favourite tattoo artist EVAR (mike stobbe) lives in san diego so i have to head down there to get work done by him, not to mention that i am pretty close with him & his fam so it’s always wonderful to visit with them. alllllso, greg lives there and we are pretty tight so i’ll hang out with him, too, and we will eat a bunch of mexican food and go to the beach.



– 1st stop, iceland, may 09-15.  looking forward to checking out reykjavik, taking a tour around to see some glaciers and ponies and troll-rocks and hot tubs.  did you know?! the icelandic phone book is arranged by first name.

scandinavia– the leg in which i slink around, being shorter than everyone, drinking coffee, picking up babes, and otherwise pretending i’m lisbeth salander (kidding!) (maybe).

eastern europe – touring castles & keeping on the cheap side of the euro’s border, pretending i have a meat allergy so people don’t think i’m insane for being veg*n

germany – visiting my old-school ladypal rose (who is a brainiac currently working on her doctorate! she studies sciency stuff like gene therapy)in berlin.  hopefully getting some crazy tattoo work from one of the dudes at swastika freakshop.  i’d love to get my palms done in their sweet pointillism but i’m not ready for that kind of thing yet.  will i have to return to germany JUST FOR THAT? maybe.

austria– ? – near innsbruck, there is a town matching my surname.  should i check it out, just in case i’m welcomed as a long-lost local? JUST KIDDING, that is an insane idea.  but ever since i found it in an atlas at age 12, i’ve been dreaming of visiting…

switzerland – chocolate, watches, mountains, ridiculously strict rules about everything. why the fuck not

croatia – one of my favourite coworkers is a croat, and she has given me more than enough reasons to visit…

istanbul or constantinople? europe, kind of, but kind of middle-eastern, too. i want to check out the mosques and spice markets and the seat of the byzantine empire. it’s enough to make my history-boner explode.

london & aberdeen– must visit some friends who reside there.  otherwise i don’t really give two shits about the uk (sorry brits! it’s true though)

now that i’ve purchased my tickets for eurodyssey, i’ve a whole list of worries.  what kind of backpack should i get? what should i pack? where should i go? what kind of eurail pass would be the best?  where should i get tattooed?  where am i going to stay?  what if i can’t find a good job when i get back?  what if i get tired of carrying around a giant backpack? what if i miss my cats too much?


10 thoughts on “travel plans 2012

  1. ha! it’s okay, britain is also not really my thing (i went here for the anthro dept). i am writing you a letter with more about this, but — know that there is not much to do at all in the city of aberdeen… making it a good place to hole up to write a phD, but that’s not what you’re here for ;). also, things are expensive, travel included. though if you should you come up here, i would promptly take you to edinburgh, where there is more to see. also, we could go up and down the north sea coast for hiking-times. castle ruins on cliffs and sand dune labyrinths, etc. but honestly — i will not be offended if you don’t come, because yeah — i get it.

    also, i could come down to london and meet you. or meet you on the continent, too. i always need excuses to do that. i.e. in scandinavia, perhaps. because it is my favourite.

    backpack-wise, vaude (which is a fairly ethical company too!) makes really tough ones, and i like the hip cushioning system. they have ones that work well with small-ish ladies and our centres of gravity. i have had mine 6 years and dragged it all over the place and it still looks nearly brand new. otherwise, go to mtn equipment co-op (not sure if they still have vaude), and ask about fitting, too, they generally know what they’re doing.

    also, totally do austria and find your namesake town! forget switzerland. expensive and grumpy.

    croatia yes yes yes. and poland. go to krakow for castles. and yeah, even if you tell people you are allergic to meat, be prepared to fight it off. they will stop at nothing!

    i’ll write you a letter soon.

    1. well, you should know that i am absolutely going to come visit you!! we can meet in edinburgh if you’d like. my travel schedule is going to have me in scandinavia in mid-late may so if you’d like to meet me & travel there together, that would be cool! because of the cost to take the train around it’s unlikely that i will be headed back up that way after i head south to eastern europe. but either way, i am planning on spending a few days with you, at the very least. as we discuss this further i’m sure we’ll find an ideal meeting place that will allow us to travel around and have adventures together!!

      thank you for your travel recommendations. i really value your advice & will give switzerland a pass. part of the reason i’m not doing much in western europe is that i don’t want to spend the money.

      a friend offered to lend me her backpack, because she won’t be using it during the time i’m going to be traveling, so i’m relieved that i won’t have to buy my own! she has used it for probably more than a year continuously so i think it’ll probably work for me. but if it doesn’t work out then i will def. check out vaude, because ethical companies are awesome ones to support.

  2. oh great, you have a backpack, that’s fantastic. they are pretty pricey for a decent one, so yes, definitely take up that offer!

    i agree, don’t spend the money on western europe (i am close to it but it’s still SO expensive, i will only go if i am sent for a conference!) — if you are going to spend money, scandinavia is the place to do it. it’s totally worth it. stockholm + copenhagen = love (haven’t been to finland, but hopefully this august!) but the expensiveness of those countries will be counterbalanced by your time in eastern europe. my mother travelled through austria multiple times and loved it. prague is getting more busy and touristy, so maybe look at poland and hungary?

    germany i only know from airports… i will be in berlin in august for a conference, though, and look forward to it!

    i don’t know if mid-late may will work for me, but it could… depends on when the exams for the courses i teach will be. but yes. we will discuss and find a spot to meet. 🙂 looking forward to it!

    1. thank you for this thoughtful reply–and i really look forward to visiting with you this spring, however or wherever it occurs!<3

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