yes. it is true. bats are so fuckin’ cool.

here’s why:

– they are flying mammals. how fucking cool is that?  although the mammal world is fairly diverse, only a few types are airborne.  most glide, but bats are  pretty much the only mammal that flies.

– they can crawl on their front arms

– one word: echolocation.  there’s evidence to support that echolocation abilities evolved independently in different bat populations, making some bats more related to non-echolocating (fruit) bats than others.  it is common knowledge that natural pressures can produce similar characteristics in disparate populations, but surprising to find that may be the case with super-hearing in bats!

– bat houses! you can put them on your property to attract/keep bats around, just like you would for birds. they have an added bonus of eating a fucking tonne of bugs, and who likes bugs more than bats? JERKS. that’s who. you can get small, birdhouse style huts, or if you have the space, or a large shelter. another positive: by having living space for bats, you’re helping fight their global decline in a small way (disease is responsible for a huge percentage of the decline and adding habitat is unlikely to affect that).

– they can rock themselves to sleep and look all cute. and did you see that ear-wiggling? holy hot dogs, is it ever adorable.  and sweet baby jesus, are tiny things ever cute!  i want to bottle feed a tiny bat<3

– they eat bugs.

– black isn’t your colour? they also come in white, for advanced accessorization.

– they have an astonishing array of nose shapes.




– flying foxes are so fucking cute, it’s like a joke. i can’t believe it.

– most bats are so small as to be pocket sized, and that is always rad.
– some bats eat fruit.  since we both share an animal-product free diet, fruit bats get their own special shout-out.  besides, they are the deaf dudes of the bat kingdom and my ears are also working toward deafness.  where will the comparisons end? WHO KNOWS

– bats like cuddle parties. i google image searched ‘bats cuddling’ and google said ‘do you mean cats cuddling‘ and i was like NO MOTHERFUCKER I MEAN BATS CUDDLING

ALSO here is one more



4 thoughts on “BATS

  1. oh dear me, bats are sweet little creatures! i do admire them very much, and i loved seeing them fluttering haphazardly through the streetlight glow when i used to live close to the river valley… the only thing stopping me from cuddling all the bats in the world is that they are by far one of the most significant vector species for rabies 😦
    but certified healthy zoo-bats can come live in my coat pockets anytime…

  2. After we saw the Lil’ Drac videos my boyfriend asked if we could please have bats when we buy a house. He gets all gooey over them like I do over dogs.

    The pig nosed bat is kinda my favorite. The fox is just unreal.

    1. i like how the pig nosed bat looks like it is chilling out. it’s so rad that your bf loves bats! since he is a bat lover and vegan I LIKE HIM ALREADY

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