much love: jasmine

tiny, incredibly fragrant jasmine flowers are my favourite thing this week. the scent reminds me of the time i spent living in san diego–my apartment complex had jasmine and honeysuckle everywhere, and i was blown away by how strong their scent was. i have a tiny jasmine tree in my apartment, and it’s flowering right now. the scent isn’t quite as strong coming from one small plant instead of masses of large ones, but it’s still beautiful. .

i’m also loving jasmine green tea (swoon!) and jasmine solid shampoo by lush. and, i guess i should add, i’m quite fond of jasmine fitzwilliam, profiled earlier inmust-read: the daily frolic.

it’s so interesting how scent is such a powerful memory-trigger, and how small things impress on our memories in a way we would never anticipate. i never expected that my time living in san diego would leave such lasting imprints on me, but i was exposed to so many new things it would be nearly impossible not to be changed by them.


4 thoughts on “much love: jasmine

  1. Your sense of smell is the most powerful sense when it comes to memories. It IS incredible how a smell can bring back memories from YEARS ago in such vivid detail! Using a scent to study is supposed to be helpful – then bring that scent with you when you take your test and it’s easier to recall things you studied.

    1. oh, that tidbit about using scent to study is such a valuable one! i’m about to return to school to study naturopathic nutrition so it’s a kind of fitting holistic tip to know!:)

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