lid primer heavyweights

smashbox photo finish lid primer, $20


benefit stay don’t stray, $26

what’s the damn point of putting eyeshadow on when it can wear off in a few hours? GIVE ME A BREAK. enter: lid primers! they are such a great product and their discovery was a happy one for me. like anything, they are not all equals, but at such a high price point it can be difficult to commit not knowing how they’ll perform. i have only used two brands of premium cosmetic lid primer so these are the two i will review.

stay don’t stray has these things going for it:
– clever packaging, like everything by benefit
– marketed as an undereye primer, thus doing double duty
– larger product size (0.33 fl oz to photo finish’s puny 0.08 fl oz)
– not tested on animals

– product has a pump top. it dispenses approximately double the product that i’d actually use, and it’s fairly difficult to try and half-pump it to get less product. the whole amount usually comes out anyway. this is not a huge drawback, however, given the large product size and likelihood of using it all before it goes off.
– eyeshadow has minor but noticeable creases at the end of the day.
– possibly vegan, but probably not.
– concealer a bit yellow for my skin tone

photo finish lid primer pros:
– incredible primer. i have worn this under makeup for 8-10 hour waitressing shifts and it’s incredible. my eye makeup looked as fresh and crisp at 3 am as it did at 2 pm.
– sponge applicator, so you can use as much or as little as you need.
– not tested on animals/vegan if you are a beegan

– the product size. i felt like i burned through this incredibly quickly, in just 3 or 4 months of nearly-everyday use. at $20/0.08 fl oz, it is 4x more expensive than stay don’t stray ($26/0.33 fl oz)
price aside, i’d choose photo finish over benefit. the benefit product is still a solid choice, and way more economical, but as far as function goes, smashbox is the winner.


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