featured artist: jenanne ferguson of zavoloka

my friend jenanne has long been a word-smith and also dabbled in visual arts through photography, collage, etc, but recently she opened an etsy shop. on top of being creatively talented, jenanne is completing her phd in linguistics! jenanne’s work shows a folkloric aesthetic, clearly influenced by her ukrainian background, her love of the forests of northern alberta, and her travels far and wide. she works in a wonderfully rich, earthy palate and her pieces have weight and appealing asymmetry. i recieved a piece of her jewelery as a gift and it’s stunning!

(click any image to get to the etsy listing)

this is my favourite piece in her shop. i love, love, love the write-up:
“Orysia can mean one from the mountains, a wild one, someone who is calm and remote. A Carpathian folk song warns Orysia to not run up into the hills, that’s where the witches live, she should stay here in the village, wait for a nice young man, but that’s not what Orysia does. ”

orysia sounds like my kind of girl.

aaaand while i was perusing zavoloka for photos to share with you i noticed that there is a 15% off sale for all of january! what a deal, friends. what a deal.


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