much love: tea

(yes, it’s nearly tuesday, but i forgot about this for most of the day)

OH YES. tea. such a simple pleasure, but so vital to my well-being. my largest emotional-shopping binge this year was in january, where i dropped $150 at a tea shop. not just any tea shop, i’ll have you know: it was the chinese tea shop. i bought 20 year aged oolong, jasmine pearl, lapsang souchong (the oldest kind of black tea in the world!), iron buddha, etc. i also picked up the special pot and cups for gong fu cha.

but, i digress. i love more than chinese tea! earl grey cream is probably my all-time favourite, but choosing a favourite tea is a bit like choosing a favourite child. other favourites: honey phoenix oolong, fruit-scented or floral greens (like pear or jasmine), classic blacks like orange pekoe, or fruity rooibos infusions. i’m not one for herbals, unless i have an upset stomach, in which case mint tea is really soothing.

a hot cup of tea and the time with which to savour it is a real pleasure. it’s one of my favourite morning rituals. so, this much love monday is dedicated to you, tea!<3<3<3


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