mixtape: heartbroken

so…this is a bit misleading.  it’s been a year since my last heartbreak.  but god damn, you guys, it was a big one.  last december my marriage dissolved and i am still suffering aftershocks of sadness.  it’s kind of silly to still get pulled under by that stuff, but i’d be lying if i said there wasn’t still a huge hole in my life (and heart).

sometimes a memory floats up, or i hear a song or see a photo, and my heart just aches.  i like to pretend it isn’t so–but sometimes i need sad songs to sing along to.  this is a soundtrack for drinking tea, hugging cats and drawing moody things in one’s sketchbook.

Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?

(and to top off this dumb day i’ve had, i can’t figure out how to embed the 8tracks page here. i’ve tried all the options. auuuuugh! so just click the image to get through to the mix).

1.) rain – hawksley workman
2.) don’t smoke in bed – nina simone
3.) ghost town – first aid kit
4.) real desire – dan auerbach
5.) in sleep – lissie (dreams are the worst. believing you are somewhere else, or with someone else–then waking up to your real life. ouch)
6.) these arms of mine – otis redding
7.) nantes – beirut it’s been a long time, a long time now/since i’ve seen you smile
8.) after laughter (comes tears) – wendy rene
9.) good woman – cat power (after a particularly bad breakup in 2005, this song would make me cry so hard!)
10.) hurt a little every day – dee edwards
11.) brackett wi – bon iver (something about the opening chords and bon iver’s voice work together to make me tear up like no one’s business)
12.) it’s over – eddie holman
13.) let it die – feist
14.) i don’t belong to anyone – bonnie “prince” billy
15.) don’t think twice, it’s alright – bob dylan
16.) call it off – tegan and sara (the con is perhaps the best breakup album of our time, right?)

care to share any of your sadness-music with me?


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