must read: the daily frolic

are you interested in dreamy photography and thoughtful words to accompany it?  YES, I THOUGHT SO.  you should really check out the daily frolic, jasmine fitzwilliam’s photo blog. she’s a talented photographer (obv), designer and all-around doll.

her photo blog is super inspiring.  more often than not, her photos make my heart ache (in a good way) because she captures the beautiful hidden bits of the san diego i know, love, and miss so much.  i have often struggled with that loss but it hasn’t been enough time for the pain to dull.  while i go through my personal battle with love and loss, i can live vicariously through jasmine’s musings and photos.

(this is her!)


really, i could be here all day, showing you photos from her flickr. just check it out.

i met jasmine nearly four years ago, while i was living in san diego.  i used to be really into modeling and set up a shoot with her. i first ran into her in a strange way: the same day we booked the shoot, i was dropping off some film and had a sneaking feeling that the gal ahead of me in line was none other than jasmine. i was too nervous to approach her, in case it wasn’t. turns out i was right! intuition, wtf?

later, when we met for real. jasmine  was sweet and charming (and so stylish!).  our photoshoot day was such a pleasure!  while living in sd, i went through bouts of feeling lost, and it was so nice to find a fellow canadian!

the photos from that day are some of my absolute favourites from my seven-years-and-counting modeling “career”. later, jasmine was kind enough to do some photos of my mom and i that still make me happy.

(i have this one framed)


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