much love: avocados


OH YES. i didn’t try an avocado until i was 19, but at 27 it is a staple in my kitchen. usually i just eat it simply, on toast or in a sandwich, but here’s to you, avocado! much more versatile than my usage would lead one to believe. it’s such a simple pleasure to slice open an avo and be greeted with the soft green flesh inside!<3

avocado brownies. vegan and full of healthy fats!

avocado face mask. good for your skin!

avocado smoothie. perhaps in a cool drink?

– green sandwich: i devised this around the time i first wanted to go vegetarian (but didn’t succeed). avocado, cucumber, sprouts, thinly sliced red peppers and some mustard. ❤


6 thoughts on “much love: avocados

  1. I didn’t try an avocado, well guac, until it was slapped onto my burrito bowl at Chipotle when I was 25 years old! I didn’t want to make a deal of it so I just brought the to-go order home and tried the guac and I was in love! Now I can eat avocados plain also, or with a tad bit of sea salt, sliced onto a salad or on a sandwich too. Love them 🙂

  2. my grandmother makes a simple dessert of mashed avocado, (rice) milk, brown sugar, and cinnamon over ice. and then she eats it with a spoon? it’s one of her weird pacific island girl dishes, but delicious nonetheless. oh, and i will most definitely be trying the avocado brownies recipe when i’m home.

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