crazy date ideas

the other day during lunch, my coworkers and i started tossing around crazy first- or second-date ideas. dinner + drinks/coffee/catching a movie are tired standbys and being creative types, we knew we could come up with better stuff than that. by the end of the (admittedly slow) shift, we had compiled this list & i felt it’d be best to share. i have done a few things on this list–have you? would you add anything?

– bingo (especially on main st, where you can go for a drink before/after easily)
– aquarium
– psychic
– botanical garden
– strip club (but you’d have to go for a drink first!)
– art gallery
– bookstore
– farmer’s market
– cooking class
– dance class
– album listening party
– bowling
– walk around stanley park
– stardust roller rink
– tandem bike ride
– stanley park mini train
– picnic @ 3rd beach
– outdoor skating (at robson square or grouse mtn)
– brunch
– casino
– skype date
– historical walking tour/famous places tour
– museum (museum of vancouver, museum of anthropology, police museum, etc)
– sightseeing tour
– wine tasting
– comedy show
– ceramic painting
– going dancing
– darts/pool
– top of the tower viewpoint, ie, harbour centre
– brewery tour
– ask them to take you to a place they love
– winery tour
– fruit picking
– go to farmer’s market, buy ingredients for supper, go home and make supper together (this is a more advanced date idea, cause you will probably have sex at the end!)
– movie in the park
– sun yat sen garden
– bike ride to spanish banks
– vegan food tour. appetizer at organic lives, main at grub, dessert from edible flours
– movieland arcade
– bet on horses at the race track
– illegal cockfight
– lunch on bowen island
– quiet concert (like jazz/folk where you can still chat a bit in between)
– symphony/ballet
– go to see a play or a reading
– poet/authour reading or lecture
– movie @ library (often they show obscure films)
– laser show/planetarium
– whale watching
– harbour cruise
– sleigh ride at grouse mountain
– grouse grind (in the summer)
– lynn canyon or capilano suspension bridges
– play pool
– shoot guns at a firing range
– make your own festival/mini ritual.  celebrate cherry blossoms, summer solstice, a rainbow, the first snowfall, etc.

(edited to add: date ideas that marlo sent)

– Draw fake tattoos on each other/henna
– Gallery openings (free food/booze!)
– Climb a tree (preferably one with a view)
– Underwear shopping (Agent Provocateur is fun, but expensive!)
– Visit a cheesy porn store
– Make jewelry
– Make face masks/spa type shit
– Sauna (there’s supposedly a good place you can rent private saunas on Hastings!)
– Photo booth pictures
– Frisbee
– Bake cookies
– Photo adventure
– Get piercings
– Get matching tattoos
– Commit a felony
– Elope (just kidding!)


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