recent etsy favourites

here are two items i have recently fallen in love with.

this sacrificial lamb wall hanging.

this carefully worked, beautiful, morbid piece evoked fragments of this poem:

For a Lamb
-Richard Eberhart

I saw on the slant hill a putrid lamb,
Propped with daisies. The sleep looked deep,
The face nudged in the green pillow
But the guts were out for crows to eat.

Where’s the lamb? whose tender plaint
Said all for the mute breezes.
Say he’s in the wind somewhere,
Say, there’s a lamb in the daisies.

the other piece is so carefully worked and beautiful. it’s a listing for a custom beast of burden sculpture. i have no idea what my beast would be–possibly an equine or ungulate or mystical combination animal. i love the flowering horns in these beasts (it’s a feature in one of my tattoos, so no wonder that i’m a fan). these sculptures are so delicate and lovely!


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