this blog used to be all about food! what on earth happened?

singledom happened. back when, it was a pleasure to spend a whole bunch of time in the kitchen. there was always another person around to help me eat the batch of cookies or the giant supper i’d just made. these days, i avoid making sweet stuff at home unless it’s a gift (in which case i keep about 1/5 recipe and give the rest). my suppers are simple; usually some variant of roasted/steamed/fried veg & tofu over pasta/soba/rice with a basic sauce–maybe a casserole if i’m feeling energetic (like mal’s heavenly mac and cheese. once in a while i get crazy and make soup or poutine or order in from vegan pizza house.

BUT, last week i took out all the stops and made this for my friend michelle. it’s been more than a month since i last cooked for someone and much longer since i put this much effort into a meal.

may i present to you: broiled, blackened tofu; butternut coconut rice; pineapple kale (all from appetite for reduction)

all in all ,it came out sooo fuckin good. all the recipes included copious amounts of garlic (always welcome). it was my first time using/tasting brown basmati rice, and i was pleasantly surprised. on top of all that, it’s so good for the heart to cook for someone who is excited to eat the finished result. i had a great night of girl talk and laughter<3

what do you guys cook when you're solo? do you even cook, or just nibble on stuff you've got around the house?


3 thoughts on “cookin’

    1. no, you are not too kitchen-bossy! like when you came over and i was all ‘i want to make curry but i don’t know how!’ MAYBE i should make you something that I KNOW HOW TO MAKE

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