fox love

i’m just growing aware that i am into foxes. this theme has been growing for a few years, bubbling without me realising it. this past winter, a coworker told me she thought i looked like an arctic fox, because i was so pale and silvery.

here’s one of my favourite audrey kawasaki paintings, from a few years ago.

and fenec foxes (cutest of the foxen) (i love the word ‘foxen’: i imagine it as a plural for ‘fox’ or an adjective to describe something fox-like)

a sincere conversation with malloreigh about what our daemons would be, if we lived in the alternate universe of ‘his dark materials’ series led me to consider that mine would be a fox. i guessed mal’s as a swift little bird, but these things are so subjective…

next, may i offer up some images from videogames i love? both okami and twilight princess feature mystical canids, and although they are wolves instead of foxen (<3!) i still feel they deserve inclusion. i love that spirit-fox and spirit-wolf shit. a few days ago, i tried to get back into the mystical world of okami but discovered the game disc is scratched. woe is me! time to hit up another used game store. in the meantime, i dove back into twilight princess. it’s not the same, but definitely a suitable replacement.

amaterasu is a goddess-wolf that is charged with beating the darkness that’s taken over the land, freeing fellow deities and painting the world back to its normal state using a magic brush. swoooon!

in twilight princess, link gets transformed into a wolf during certain points in the game. it’s not quite as awesome as amaterasu, but still gets the spirit-wolf cred.

recently i decided to show my fox-love through jewelery: i have coveted pieces from pyrrha for three years! in the past, i was so indecisive–their line has so many beautiful designs that all hold so much meaning that i was pulled in too many directions to choose. this autumn, when i got a bit of money as a gift, i treated myself to a piece that fit:

the description: “The Celts believed that the fox was a guide. This handmade wax seal pendant features a running fox. The fox’s entire body is pointed like an arrow: straight and tightly aimed. This is a symbolic message for us to set a determined mindset in order to achieve our desires.”

it’s perfect for me. i’ve felt lost this past year, though i’ve found solace in my sewn craft, i still don’t feel certain the same way i did a few years ago. here’s to my path becoming apparent and for the strength to follow it. ❤

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