the process

time for a change! i have shown you my finished brooches, but never the process used to make them. here’s a step-by-step for one of my most complicated pieces, the kali yantra.

you may know that, for an atheist, i’m kind of a kali-lover. it started with the song ‘praise’ by kinnie starr: ‘i myself praise kali, she’s so me, such a queen. super strong spine, sharp teeth and she’s a love machine!’ the lyrics hooked me and stuck with me. five years after first encountering the song, i added a kali tattoo, because kali is a goddess of strength. of creation, destruction, of love, of time. not to mention, i had a tattoo on the same leg that i wanted to cover up and a kali piece seemed perfect.

then, i stumbled on the idea of making a kali yantra brooch! a yantra is a spiritual symbol that can be used to focus one’s mind, as in meditation, or just as a beneficial decoration.

first, cut out all the pieces:

(note my awesome recycled pattern pieces! i try to recycle/reuse whenever possible)

then i lay out all the cut pieces

next, i sew the pin and label onto the back of the brooch.

the green base square gets sewn on first.

then, the yellow circle.

after that, the pink lotus petals.

i sew the blue triangle directly onto the purple circle, because if i reversed that order, the thickness of the brooch makes it kind of a pain in the ass to sew through.

almost done! i attach the purple circle and then sew the front and back pieces of the brooch together.


this piece took me approximately three hours, spread out over a couple nights (because it’s hard to find time to sew on work nights). i was probably watching sons of anarchy and freeks & geeks while sewing it, because those are my go-to series at the moment. but now you can check it out on etsy!

in the first process photo, you can see the kali yantra clutch i made a few months ago. here are some more photos:

i put a lot of work into this clutch, but it was the first zippered item i made and it definitely presented a learning curve! it looks quite nice (i love the colouring and embroidery!) but there are a few little flaws that prevent me from selling it. oh well!<3


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