last bit of summer

even though summer technically isn’t over until september 21, it always feels like it ends with august. i know this is part of the programming i received while i was in school, and i’ve been out for nearly ten years, but still can’t shake it!

i made this mix earlier this summer, but failed to share it: here it is, for the last hurrahs of summer! GET TO THE BEACH WHILE YOU CAN
(for some reason i’m having trouble embedding it correctly–so click through this image to get to the mix!)

1.) pollen (pee pollen mix) – mirah
2.) i want some more – dan auerbach (cause summer is a good time for crushing hard)
3.) summertime – sam cooke
4.) our own pretty ways – first aid cook (what’s summer without some upbeat nordic sister-folk-pop?)
5.) little bit – lykke li (reminds me of driving around with irinka in the so-cal summer heat the last year i lived there)
6.) a fuller wine – abigail washburn
7.) eleven – thao & mirah (love is around the corner! love is everywhere! summertime is lovetime)
8.) summertime – jesca hoop
9.) hummingbird – imaginary cities (i have been listening to this on repeat. SO GOOD)
10.) the shrine/an argument – fleet foxes (recommended by a twitter pal. so perfect. “sunlight over me no matter what i do…in the ocean, washing off my name from your throat” SWOON)
11.) some people – dan mangan (corb lund sings on this track, too: one of my best memories of last summer was seeing them both at calgary folk fest)
12.) if it rains – basia bulat (an essential part of summer in vancouver is accepting that it’ll rain sometimes)
13.) for emma – bon iver (some more swoony music)
14.) oh maker – janelle monae (love is gone! let the heat and wind and light heal your wounds. )
15.) sweet sensation – the melodians
16.) see line woman – nina simone
17.) starstruck – santogold (something to get sweaty to)

i should be staying in, sewing with my head down–but i can’t. there’s so much to do right now!! last week i had a few adventures with malloreigh, like a six-course vegan dinner (it was amazing, btw). tonight is the vegan cookoff. there’s time to sew in september, right?


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