brain food

here are some things that have been inspiring me.

a stylish colour palette blog, colour collective

(i’ve saved a few palettes as sourcing for this bad-ass selkie embroidery i’m planning)

my friend maggie: muse, witch, etc.

artist stacey rozich. her mix of folkloristic images & intricate patterns make me swoon.

i love the turn of his lower arm & hand–those body parts are so beautiful.


4 thoughts on “brain food

  1. RIN! That Stacy Rozich stuff is amazing! I am super drawn to these 4 water color pieces on wood panels featured on the first page of that link. Also still dutifully e-stalking you. Lub Dub. Roser.

    1. yeah, her stuff is so rad! glad you like it too!! and of course, i am so happy to hear you are still reading my internet rambles!!<3<3<3

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