art junkie

the past few years, i’ve kind of started collecting art. it wasn’t so obvious when i had a 950sq foot apartment, but now my apartment is about half that size and my walls are clustered with art.

these shots are from when i was still unpacking, just after my move, but you get the idea:

some new additions are on the way, and i’m not quite sure where to put them!

this one has a frame, but is awaiting matting.

i just purchased this yesterday. after years of coveting audrey kawasaki prints, i’ll finally get my own! it’s not the one i wanted most, but i think it’ll fit in well with my other random pieces.

and this is a print i’ve been wanting for a few years. i have no idea why it’s taken me so long to acquire, because it’s not expensive, but it will definitely be my next art purchase.

what are your thoughts on collecting pieces of art? are there any you’re planning on adding to your collection?


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