love anchors me

springing off my anchor pin, i wanted something a bit larger & framed…

i’d originally wanted to add a banner saying ‘love anchors me’ but i didn’t plan out the sizing quite well enough to allow it. this design is a favourite so i have no problem with doing it again, in a different frame. the thought of love anchoring us into place, holding us when we are lost or confused–it’s so warming. the bannered version will definitely happen, but for now: here are some close-up shots of the piece.

i was taught the stitch i used in the rope by a friend, melanie, and had been dying to try it out in a piece! thanks mel<3

after sewing this kind of design (first the brooch, now this) quite a few times over the last few months, it’s settled into my head as a possible tattoo idea. after all, i’m planning a large ocean piece! to tell you the truth, i am kind of scared to ride a boat over the deep water. the ocean is so vast, deep and unknown.

and of course, you can find it onetsy.


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