trust30/5: intuition

if my intuition was a person, she would look so sleek. chic in all black, even her short bobbed hair. she’d be so sophisticated, red-lipstick sophistication! we’d sit down and she’d tell me

listen to me! i know what i’m talking about
don’t go on dates with people when you don’t feel like dating
don’t listen to the critic! keep doing your art
don’t worry about false friends
wear what makes you feel good
stop mulling about awkward moments & replaying conversations in your head, thinking what you could’ve said that was wittier, smarter, better. your actions portray the true you, and there’s nothing wrong with it. that’s what your friends, family & lovers love–your youness! not a cooler, wittier, smoother you.
stop stressing about your small physical imperfections! everyone has them & carrying worry about yours is adding a burden where none is needed


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