trust30.4 more goals!!

“Write down your top three dreams. Now write down what’s holding you back from them.”
1.) be an artist, by trade, for the rest of my life.
– haven’t quite found my vision/niche yet (but I’m getting closer!!)
– still learning about marketing, etc, so I don’t make enough money from it
– have to work a full-time job, so can’t devote as much time to art as I’d like

2.) own a piece of land; build my own residence on it
– no piece of land!
– have to get out of debt before I can save up some serious money toward a down-payment
– must make steps toward living rurally, like having income that’s not dependent on location, and getting a driver’s license & car
– take a building course or something!

3.) become a super-bendy yogi, who eats super-healthy, forever! this should ensure a long & disease free life, I hope! since both my parents had cancer before the age of 50, I would very much like to avoid the same fate.
– tempted by sugar & bread, ALL THE TIME
– laziness pulls me away from my yoga practices


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