trust30, part 2: advice

after rolling it around in my head for a couple days–

advice to myself five years ago:
– don’t listen to other people’s opinions of you.
– take care of your body better! eat well and stay active.
– make friends wherever you go. it will help a lot.
– don’t get so concerned with another person that your creative life suffers.
– figure out clothing you like to wear and go with it.

to me, five years from now:
– keep plugging on to make your goals (like a farm!!) a reality, even if you’re doing it alone
– don’t put all your love into someone who’s not returning it
– stay active, eat well.
– put more love into creative stuff !!
– stay on the path to your true self. don’t be pulled off by perceptions of others’
– keep striving for continual improvement


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