simple diy lip scrub

this is a little trick i learned from a coworker & it’s so easy! you can make a simple body scrub from sugar and olive oil and it works just as well as anything you might buy from the store. you can subsitute the olive oil with any other high-quality oil, like jojoba, almond, etc. if you like, add a few drops of essential oil to scent the mixture, but i keep mine simple.

the amounts in this recipe are really flexible; my coworker makes a large batch and uses it on her hands, while i make a small batch and use it on my lips. combine approximately equal portions of sugar and oil–your goal consistency is a paste, so if it’s too wet, add more sugar. if it’s too dry, a little more oil will help. you can store it in a snap-top lid container at room temperature and it lasts for quite a while.

this is a great, cheap vegan alternative to more expensive and harmful products (i’ve seen expensive lip scrubs made with petroleum jelly)! it’s super natural, good for your body and so easy to make.

if you’ve tried it, do you have any favourite essential oil combinations?


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