updated raw feeding information

I’ve a moment and I wanted to share with you the updated raw menu I’ve been giving my furry little men.

You can read about my pets’ transition to raw here.

After relocating to Calgary, fresh, raw fish became difficult to find (obviously) and it turned out I lived right down the road from a great shop supplying raw food–Bon a-pet-treat.  

I feed the cats chicken necks & wing tips, as well as prepared, ground fish and beef from pets go raw, which is blended with something like 2% kelp and other vegetables. I’ve also been trying out some of the offerings from urban carnivore (straight meat with no veg added) in an effort to keep the cats’ diet mixed up, because they get bored really easily when they only get one kind of food. The chicken necks/wing tips are $2 a bag, and that usually lasts a week or two. I feed a neck/wing every day for dental health. I spend about $20/week feeding both the cats their raw food variety. Buying prepared raw food is a bit more expensive than doing it all myself, but I like how it comes pre-proportioned and I don’t have to get my hands dirty deboning. I’m still a vegetarian and I prefer the least possible contact with meat. Pets go Raw and Urban Carnivore products make it really easy to feed my cats well with the least gross-out factor.

I also recommend rollover for dogs. It’s a great product for us Albertans (I don’t know where else it’s available) because it’s made in High River, of local-grown beef scraps.

Have any of you transitioned your pets to raw? Thoughts/advice/tips?


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