neglected blog woes: also, vanilla extract!

Let’s cut to the chase. Yes, I’ve neglected my blog. I have been cooking a tonne this summer but forgot to take photos of most of it. How sad!!

But, enough is enough. Here’s something you can eat (sort of)

Vanilla extract, from scratch!

Soooo easy & worthwhile, although your gratification will be slightly delayed. This shit takes a couple months to make but it’s so worth the wait.


All you need:
– vanilla beans
– high-proof liquor (I used rum)
– large screw-top jar

Vanilla beans are a world of loveliness all on their own. There are two different kinds–madagascar and tahitian–each with its own distinct flavour. Combine that with your choice of alcohol and you can customise your extract quite a bit!

You need 3 vanilla beans per cup of liquor, so how much you need of both depends on the size of jar. Using a sharp knife, slit open the beans and scrape the seeds out into the jar. Place the scraped-out beans in the jar too and enough liquor to cover the beans completely. Screw the lid on the jar and give it a shake! Now, place it in a dark corner of the cupboard, shake it once a week and in a few months you’ll have your own vanilla extract! I wasn’t horribly precise about mine–I kind of forgot when I put it in, so I started using it threeish months later, when the alcohol had turned a clear brown from the vanilla.

See? It’s so easy! Now use it to make some kick-ass chocolate chip cookies.


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