Yes, I’m alive!


My life has been an utter whirlwind since I got back to Canada. I started working just a couple days after I got back, and between that, trying to visit with everyone I haven’t seen for years, and having a frustratingly spotty internet connection, I’ve hardly had time to update!

I am so in love with this song–the first one on the video, “something on your mind”

Now I’m living this strange Corner Gas existence–really and truly, some days I feel like I am stuck in that sitcom. It’s been so pleasant to be out of the city, to see the stars at night and to have space for Buzz to run around. It’s not been so pleasant to be stuck in a small town for weeks at a time, though. My mom has been scheduling Greg and I back-to-back so even if one of us isn’t working, the other is. We haven’t been out of town for a couple weeks and it’s so lame. But this weekend is our twenty fifth birthday celebration (mine on Friday, his on Monday) so we’re getting the F out of dodge. We’re headed to Calgary, staying at the swankster Palliser, shopping and looking for a place to live. I can’t wait to get into our own place, as much as I love seeing my mom & other family so often.

It took a few weeks, but finally I feel a little tug on my heart, San Diego pulling me from far away. I always knew I’d be leaving. I moved there knowing it would be temporary (though it lasted two and a half years) and it was very easy to leave. I’d be lying, though, if I said I didn’t miss the sun and the beach and the burritos and the few people I grew to love. Someday I’ll be back in California (it’s in my blood and my heart now) but for now I’m content to be in Canada.


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