no kidding

Big fucking surprise: deet is a neurotoxin . Guess I’ll be throwing out that can of super-strength deet jungle juice that I found in the back of the bathroom cabinet yesterday!!

Just add another product to the list of things corporations have sold us that turn out to kill us slowly. Our love of plastics and chemicals is going to be the death of us. No wonder we have a cancer epidemic.


5 thoughts on “no kidding

  1. Sorry, but I wouldn’t use anything that MELTS PLASTIC anyway.

    I use lemon eucalyptus, it’s just as effective and 100% natural. I highly recommend it if you don’t mind the mild smell.

  2. i cant believe the tile! what a bunch of dummies. are you fixing it all up for re-sale?
    and when is your tentitive date of departure towards the great white rainy north?

    1. I should be home next Saturday, so leaving here on Wednesday!!! And no, we are fixing it up for renters right now. Because of the market shitting it’s only worth about half its sale price!!

  3. yah i believe that, about the sale price, it is deff a buyers market now. omg saturday! that is crazy!!!!!!!!! im so excited! i work all week so now ill have something extra to look forward to on the weekend!

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