moving right along

Yesterday was another lovely day. I did a 9 am photoshoot at the ocean (photos to follow), and I think it went really well. I had so much fun doing the shoot and spending a few hours in such a beautiful place lifted my mood. I relaxed with the cats and read in the afternoon, and with my evening I packed a bunch more stuff, baked a couple loaves of bread, and got pad thai takeout for supper.

Today I got up late but I’ve already done a bit of moving-work. All this planning ahead is new for me. I’m usually a procrastination queen so I end up trying to squeeze all the packing/cleaning into the last three or four days before the move. If you have ever done that, you know that it sucks and it’s too stressful and by the end of it you want to kill someone. My move is already going to be stressful, since we are driving 2000 miles over 3 days with our pets and Greg’s parents, and we have to cross a border involving visas and Very Important Paperwork. All of G’s travel documents arrived on Friday, so that is another hurdle passed.

Oh, some cool science news: did you know toucans’ beaks are thermoregulation machines? HELL YES THEY ARE.

Double-cool science news of the day? Humans emit a weak visible light . I love the thought of everything surrounded by a tiny soft glow.


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